St Matthew’s is over 150 years old and in that time it has taken a battering by bombs, fire and Methodist preacher attacks! over the next six pages, you can see in pictures and text some of the events and incidents which have occurred. lets start with a letter Rev Witty sent to The Sheffield Telegraph.

Taken from the Sheffield Daily Telegraph November 29th 1856
I wish to thank those kind friends who have generously subscribed towards the erection of the church of the newly constituted parish of St Matthew. Through their liberality and the efficient co-operation of Dr Sale, and W Butcher, Esq. the treasurer of the building fund, this neat and substantial church has been completed ; and but for the extras required by the church commissioners, and directed by the architect, the whole cost of the edifice would have been amounted to £229 13s 2d. Making the total cost of the church £3,297 12s 6d. We have paid £3,067 13s 2d. And towards the £229 we have in hand and promised £100. This leaves £129 due. The church has been consecrated a little more than a year, and yet large congregations attend its services, and a flourishing Sunday school is spreading its influence throughout the parish. My zealous churchwardens have voluntary engaged to appeal to those who have not yet subscribed, and contributions will be gratefully received through the vicar, Dr Sale, W. Butcher. Esq. and Reverend T Beast and the Reverend W Wilkinson.
Yours Sincerely, J. F. Witty – the first vicar of St Matthew’s carver Street Sheffield

Masses at St Matthew’s
To the right is DR David Hope, the then Archbishop of York, celebrating mass. This happened in 1998 to mark the centenary of the blessed sacrament. Father Ommanney was reprimanded for his action and put under a ban by the Archbishop of York of the time. so it is fitting that his successor celebrated its centenary and gave benediction at the end of mass.Below is a mass celebrated by the late Father Martin Linskill, The Linskill family have attended St Matthew’s for many years and have family members in the serving team and choir.

Concerts and functions

St Matthew’s 1912

Last Christmas eve, St Matthew’s Sunday school performed the annual Nativity play. You can see to the left pictures from over the years. Before the 1960’s St Matthew’s had drama clubs and a larger Sunday School and the annual Nativity was taken very seriously and it was practised for many weeks. The plays also had adults as actors. Do you recognise yourself or a relative? let us know!


Before the war (when there were many more communities within the parish) St Matthew’s used to be able to process around the parish and right up to City road to commemorate St Matthew’s day and other special days of the Angelo catholic calendar. The pictures to the right show many servers and children holding banners . It is interesting to note that we still use the same banners and cross within The church.


Here are some pictures from the year 2000 restoration of St Matthew’s